Psychometric Profiling

One of the reasons this retreat is so unique is that we include psychometric profiling to build self-awareness of stress triggers and help you map our a personal pathway to resilience.

Designed by occupational psychologist and psychometric expert, Rachel Austen, we use our bespoke resilience profiling tool called AURA.

Rachel developed AURA in 2015 after a personal experience of burnout with the goal of creating a scientific yet practical tool to help people recognise the warning signs of burnout before reaching crisis point.

AURA personal report

AURA is completed via an online questionnaire ahead of the retreat. You will received your own report immediately with personalised tips in alignment to the risk areas in your profile.

At the retreat, Rachel will go through your report with you to explore your profile and help you pinpoint actions for improvement to support your long term resilience.

Rachel is trained in positive psychology practices and has worked with hundreds of people to help them manage stress and find a personal toolkit of strategies. She's also worked in high pressure corporate environments and can empathise with many challenges faced.

Organisational Psycholoist and Resilience Expert

At the retreat, we may draw on some of the insights in your reports during a group workshop but your report is always kept confidential and you'll never be forced to share more that you feel comfortable with.

Rachel Austen, Resilience Coach