Rachel Austen – Work Psychologist

Organisational Psycholoist and Resilience Expert


Rachel Austen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and the founder of Austen Advisory. She has over 17 years of consulting and coaching experience, specialising in leadership, stress management and resilience.

She has developed deep cross-cultural awareness, having lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and worked with clients across Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA.

Rachel has deep expertise in psychometric assessment, behavioural change and is certified in positive psychology - she is passionate about sharing evidence based practices with others to help them make positive changes in their lives.

After a personal experience of burnout in 2015, she developed an online tool called AURA to help individuals and organisations recognise and address burnout signs early to enable them to flourish. She is able to empathise with others' experiences but also use her scientific background to help others create personalised strategies to manage their unique challenges and make positive changes in their lives. For Rachel, Marah's yoga classes were fundamental to her recovery from burnout and yoga has become a huge part of her own resilience toolkit.

Rachel has delivered burnout prevention programmes for many companies and coached hundreds of individuals to help them build resilience and flourish in life. Clients include Allianz, BBC, Booking.com, Citi, DLA Piper, G4S, HSBC, Heineken, Kuehne Nagel, LVMH, Standard Chartered and many more.

Rachel believes that if people are at or near a burnout crisis, a retreat to change to reset, recharge and reconnect is the most effective remedy to get back on track. She also wants to arm people with skills to apply when they go back to their busy lives for lasting impact.

Here is a recent interview with published on Thrive Global on resilience.

What Rachel's clients say

"“Superb. Rachel was fantastic at making an accurate analysis of my situation and offering practical guidance and suggestions. Her suggested solutions to problems felt easy to implement and achievable.”

Sarah - Account Director

"It was fantastic. It was refreshing to gain a personalised and practical set of tools. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking to grow their resilience!"  

Beth - Recruitment Consultant