Facilities and Food


Quinta Marugo has elegant and comfortable rooms with breathtaking views and sustainable furnishings.

All rooms have external entrances sheltered by porticos with outdoor seats that allow guests to enjoy the warm, balmy days and nights of the Alentejo countryside, and moments of much needed reflection and peace.

There are two room types to choose from; Standard and Standard Plus. All rooms can be configured as a twin bed or king.

Standard Plus rooms are bigger with porticos and offer expansive views over the magnificent landscape, lakes and/or swimming pool.

Standard Plus Room
Standard Twin Room
Standard Twin Room


  • King size bed 180×200 (or two twin sized beds
  • Private bathroom
  • Heating system
  • Heated towel rack
  • Wardrobe
  • Roof fan
  • Hot water kettle and tea set with homemade teas
  • No smoking
  • No pets


Quinta Marugo has a committment to sustainability, striving towards zero-waste, efficient energy and water consumption, and a carbon neutral footprint.

Because of the venue's environmental philosophy, there are no single use items that are in plastic such as toothpaste - there are bamboo tooth brushes on request, and their soaps and bath gel arrive in powdered form, they just add water and it is activated - reducing supply chain carbon footprint and avoiding plastic disposal.


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Food served is vegetarian and 90% seasonal and local within the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the food is sourced from Quinta Marugo's own vegetable gardens, bee hives, tea trees/bushes/flowers and olive trees, which are organic and follow permaculture principles of giving back to nature. They have agreements with organic farmers in the area to source from them when needed.

They make their own home made breads and baked goods and aim for no refined sugar baked goods.

* All menus have allergy information and there will be different options to make sure all allergies are taken care of.