Marah Arcilla – Yoga Teacher


Marah Arcilla is a yoga teacher with over 14 years of teaching experience leading yoga retreats and workshops globally. Having trained and worked as a professional dancer and movement practitioner, Marah’s teaching is inspired by the generous guidance of Carlos Pomeda, Ross Rayburn and Patrick Creelman. Her teaching experience also adapts from her dance training, other movement disciplines, including anatomical studies, somatics and biomechanics.

After completing her teacher training in 2009, Marah dedicates her teaching to guide students deeper into their practice with clarity, purpose and intent. Rather than focusing on the physicality and showmanship of complex poses, her teaching is thoughtfully themed with planned progressions and fundamental anatomical knowledge. The attention of details in the āsana as a way to embody care and awaken intelligence.

With a deep passion and respect for the principles and philosophy of yoga, Marah’s yoga practise is rooted in humbleness, open-mindedness and integrity. She is grateful to her teacher, Carlos Pomeda for this. She thoughtfully weaves in philosophical teachings as a way to offer inspiration and motivation. Her classes demand students to move intelligently from one pose to the next with mental discipline so that the quality of the practice can have a positive influence on the practical elements of the students’ daily lives. 

Marah also has a particular gift for fostering a sense of community and connection amongst her students. In 2021, she extended her teaching and knowledge of yoga through Emerging Pathways – a unique yoga teacher training programme designed around her teaching philosophy – and was aimed to build a yoga community that is inclusive for any bodies and sustainable for practitioners of all ages and abilities. True to her cause of inclusion in Yoga practice, she partnered with Mission for Migrant Workers to offer free weekly yoga classes to domestic helpers in HK. 


-2021 January: Yoga in Times of Crisis (Bhagavad Gita) with Carlos Pomeda

-2019 December: Mystery of Karma with Carlos Pomeda

-2019 July/ Zaragoza, Spain: Muscle Systems/ Body Mind Centering with Walburga Glatz, Patricia Gracia, Wilma Vesseur and Nina Wehnert  

-2019 March/ Hong Kong: Anatomy Trains in Motion with AP Lindberg Hong Kong (March 2019)

-2016 November/ Chiang Mai, Thailand: Intro to Thai Massage with Felicity Joy

-2015 March/ Bali, Indonesia: Philosophy and Meditation with Carlos Pomeda

-2015 November/ Hong Kong: Tricara Immersion with Ross Rayburn

-2013 June/ Singapore: Therapy Weekend Special with Ross Rayburn

-2012 February/ Hong Kong: Anusara Intensive Teacher Training with Ross Rayburn

-2011 April/ Singapore: Anusara Teacher Training with Ross Rayburn

-2010 October through 2011 January /Seoul: Anusara Immersion Ross Rayburn Part 1 & 2

-2010 June/ Hong Kong: Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement Workshop

-2009 October/ Singapore: Anusara Immersion in Yoga Therapy with Ross Rayburn

-2009 July/ Hong Kong: Pure Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman


-2023 April / Sow Yoga HK: Yoga In Your Golden Age (āsanas aged 51 and above)

-2022 to present / HK: Weekly Community Yoga Classes for Migrant Workers

- 2022 January (from June 2021) / Fivelements HK: Emerging Pathways 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Carlos Pomeda, Ananda Leone, Reenita Malhotra and Donna Sutton

- 2020 February / Fivelements HK: 6-Day Morning Progression of Backbends

- 2020 June / Fivelements HK: Yoga Modifications for Mastery with Donna Sutton

- 2019 May / EL Nido, Philippines: Lila Retreat with Donna Sutton

- 2019 May / Pure Yoga HK: Intensive Practice (Twists for a Strong and Mobile Spine)

- 2019 February / Pure Yoga HK: Intensive Practice (Twists for a Strong and Mobile Spine)

- 2018 July / EL Nido, Philippines: Encounters with Goddesses Retreat

- 2018 February / Pure Yoga HK: Intensive Practice (Hip-openers)