If not careful, the stresses and strains of daily life can build up and eventually lead to burnout. When at this point of complete physical and mental exhaustion, proper recovery is needed. Our retreats are carefully designed to provide you with the insight, mental space, environment and support to recharge whilst giving you practical tools to stress less and show up at your best personally and professionally.

Whether you feel on the brink of burnout or just feel in need for a nourishing and inspiring break, then our retreats are for you.

Our retreats

Our programmes combine a personal resilience assessment, daily yoga, workshops, 1:1 coaching and breathwork within natural surroundings. There is plenty of time to rest, connect with others and nourish yourself with delicious food.

We create experiences that will leave you feeling revitalised whilst giving you the tools to prevent burnout and flourish in life.

What people say

"I took part in this having never undertaken a retreat previously. It was far more than I expected and has definitely convinced me that it is something worthwhile. I came home relaxed and centred. It was my first time doing yoga with a teacher and I have now also found a yoga class to continue with it. The whole retreat allowed you to do as much or as little as you wished and was a very supported environment.”

Beth  Jane Hillary - Social care manager

"The whole experience was enjoyable from start to finish; workshops on resilience were professional and fun. Yoga before breakfast was gentle yet very energising. The food was delicious and wholesome. I came back feeling refreshed and with the knowledge of small changes I can make in my life."

Beth  Dan Birch - Project Manager

About us

Passionate about helping people not only cope better with stress but to show up at their best personally and professionally.

Rachel is a work psychologist and Marah is a yoga teacher. Having both had personal experiences of burnout, we harness the power of psychology and yoga to build awareness, mental clarity and vitality.


AURA Retreats

Recognise - Recover - Reawaken